Tuesday, March 31, 2009

WNSR Station Drive

Dear WNSR community,

Yesterday we encountered some serious problems with the WNSR station hard drive. Luckily, Jim was able to take the hard drive home and fix the problem late last night. However, the drive will not be back at 55 W. 13th St. until Wednesday. Also, this may serve as a rude awakening to the fact that we need a more solid set of procedures for utilizing the station drive so that we don't run into this problem again. So be ready for a few procedural changes.

Also, if you see Jim, bow down and thank him for saving all of your audio files and/or session data.

-Joe Plourde

Monday, March 30, 2009

WNSR & New School Jazz & Contemprary Music

Hey everyone... Some quick news to spark the sparks...
There has been profound interest and desire expressed by New School Jazz & Contemporary Music to have a presence on WNSR in some capacity.
Currently, there is a large amount of material already recorded or about to be recorded
of different ensembles that exist at the Jazz school.
I will emphasize that the material is a range of styles and materials outside the genres of Jazz
and would emphasize that the CONTEMPORARY side of the music would be quite present in most cases. Pertinent information regarding these ensembles and the people involved can be
learned and acquired to shed more light on the recordings themselves... research is good.

I write you now to garner who would be interested in incorporating this material or allowing for new, live material on an existing or approaching music show/program?
There is material already recorded... can an existing show perhaps include some of NS Jazz music in its rotation?
Can a live band from NS Jazz come and perform from time to time through WNSR?
I can aid in connecting interested parties with the powers that be at NS Jazz to facilitate this endeavor.... and facilitate interested students to those who want to build a show with this in mind.

The pros of this relationship with Jazz allows for:
• More of a cross-pollination between the different schools.
• Relationships begin for musical composition needs for Media Studies, soundtracks for short-films, animations etc...
through fostering this connection and a pipeline through which students at Jazz can connect with the NS body as a whole.
• Original programming that is endemic to the New School and the New School only.
• Most material has already been recorded, all it would need is someone interested in learning more about the ensembles,
the students and a show can be built around it.

You may ask: Why don't I do it?
Well. I am a musician and an engineer, not a producer... so there you have it...
Plus, I am graduating in a year and have plenty of work to do on my own outside of NS Radio.

That said. I love you all.
Please respond with interests ASAP!
to blumr564@newschool.edu
The force will be with you... always.
Hasta la victoria, siempre!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Call for improvisationally inclined actors

For an upcoming audio piece I'm looking for the following:
3 youngish sounding people, preferably 2 men and one woman.
They should feel comfortable with comedic drama, dramatic comedy, or something in between.
The piece is going to be about ten minutes with an outline, but dialogue is going to be improvised by the actors.
send me an email if a: you want in or b: you know someone who would.



Thursday, March 26, 2009


Hi all,
In the link for spots, there should be a new spot/PSA advertising Lang's Stem Cells in the City series this spring. Also, you can download the .wav file at http://www.sendspace.com/file/7r6adb This is a time sensitive PSA, but should be good through the month of April (in that the last events take place in May. Since you are all supposed to put spots in your shows anyway, I was hoping that some of you would be able to use this one immediately for their next show. Hope all is well!
Joe Plourde

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Tomorrow I am recording the Developing an Operating Budget meeting at 3pm in the Theresa Lang Community & Student Center, 55 W. 13th 2nd floor. 

Then, I'm swinging over to Wollman Hall to record the "Girls, Girls, Girls" panel discussion at 6pm. 

If you want to learn the most basic of field recording techniques: plugging into the board, then join me! 

also, the operating budget thing could be a news item? 


Hello all! sorry for posting this so late!
As discussed on our last meeting, it would help a lot if the Marketing team has a little info about the programs you are doing and that are currently 'on-air'. As you know, this is for the campaign.

For example, the name of the show, what kind of show is it (music, talk etc) what kind of music/themes are offered, what do you think makes it attractive to students and any other info you consider relevant. Please reply through 'comments'.


Marketing Team

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Voices Needed

The New Mercury Theater is hopefully going to be recording it's first radio drama this Friday but we need willing voices to read for us this Friday after class. These are the characters needed-

Virgil Benjamin, 37 years old

Father Rodney, mid-fifties

Serena, early twenties

Toby, mid-twenties, black

Phyllis, late thirties

If you or anyone you know is interested please reply or email me at kmatiss@gmail.com
and I'll send out the script.

Thanks so much!

If you need help tonight 3/24

Hey all,

I, Josh Rosenberg, will be present and on-hand on the 8th floor of 55 W. 13th from 6pm-8pm to assist with any engineering needs to my full capabilities. My phone number is 508.641.6066. Feel free to ask for help.

Monday, March 23, 2009

posting fliers around campus

Hello class! Hope you all had a good break.

I apologize for not posting this information sooner. Protocol for posting fliers around is pretty straightforward. If you want to put things behind glass, Susan Heske in Student Services (79 FIFTH AVE, 5TH FLOOR, HESKES@newschool.edu), will take 8 (the number of cases) and post them. Academic Technology permits posting on bulletin boards (floors 3, 4, 8, 9 at 55 W. 13th) only.

So, as of now we can use this to focus on overall station branding and posting, and future posting campaigns later on.


Monday, March 16, 2009

From the Talk Group

To provide a brief update on the 'Talk' group - Our group is producing two shows, one which is a satire talk show (in production), and another which is Root Radio, a culture centered talk show. The first episode of Root Radio is on the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal and has gotten over 557 hits since Friday, and the satire show will soon be available.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Everybody! Listen to this by Gregory Whitehead (and do not make boot leg copies for yourself and your friends).

Thursday, March 12, 2009

NEW CLASSROOM 3/13!!! and other important infos


Tomorrow (Friday, March 13) we will be meeting in a new location:
it's at 6 East 16th Street, right off of Fifth Avenue. Room is 1009, (might say D-1009). 3pm as usual.

If you haven't been to this New School building before, try and arrive a touch early to get your bearings. We'll be in a larger space so you can stretch out your legs, hopefully grab a seat, and enjoy the class.

We have slated for tomorrow:
1) SHORT GROUP MEETS, quick reports from each thereafter to update the rest of the class on what they are working on, deadlines, goals, etc.? This will help both Web and Marketing with their work. (<15min).

Web will present a functional version of the new website and be looking for feedback from the rest of the class so they can spend the next two weeks fine-tuning functionality and working on a front end visual design for the launch (3/27!).

Marketing will present a revised plan/schedule/strategy for the rest of the semester and present what they have been working on so far...and of course, look for feedback from the class.

4) DISCUSSION OF... AND PLAYBACK FROM CULTURAL / FEATURES works and works in progress. PLEASE BRING PROJECTS you're working on or have just finished if you are in this team. Sarah and I will also have some examples for you, and we may call upon some work already published on newschoolradio.org. We will have CD and computer audio and I will also be bringing mobile Pro Tools if your project is in this domain.

5) PRODUCTION -- if you're not in news, you should be spending the rest of the class meeting with people you're teaming up with to produce work. NEWS, as usual, will be dismissed to record another newscast back in 821 (please correct me if I'm wrong)

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


NewSchool Music Coverage

Hey Y'all,
So we're coming up on spring break and a few of you have already submitted your first draft of shows and what not... yea! There will inevitably be some more free time, and so I have a project that is ready to make headway.

Adam Zucker is a former New School student that has requested coverage, and it'd be cool to oblige. His music is essentially soft indie-folk, and Zucker with a low-register voice has a nice story telling quality to his lyrics. Here's a little blurb:

Zucker's tracks "A Soldier's Lullaby," the set-opener "Going Home," "Chasing Tomorrow" (our personal fave) and "Summer Sky" are perfect adult-alternative cuts with striking instrumental interplay and staggered layers softened in passion and production. Each tune is like a beach stone, tumbled on the lake floor before washing on the shore. Take note: Jacob Bergson from the [Cleveland Jazz Project] plays organ on three of the disc's tracks. Good stuff from this Zucker cat; an auspicious debut." –Peter Chakerian, Cool Cleveland

Here are some links to his stuff:

I believe all his tracks can be listened to. Either way, I have the cd and am staying in contact with him, SO if anyone doesn't have a full plate and would like to help get some of these requests off the ground, let me know! It'd be nice to integrate him into a playlist, but it'd be wonderful to do a feature with a possible interview as well.

?? Also, anyone going to SXSW in Austin? It'd be the shit to get some audio and interviews there! Think about it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

WNSR News Stories

WNSR News and other staffers:
These events would be good to cover for our newscasts. Let me know if you are able to cover.

1. Lecture on world economy by Dr. Deepak Nayyar, Distinguished University Professor of Economics. Thursday March 12 from 8 to 10 pm 6 East 16th Street Rm 906/913. Sponsored by New School for Social Research.

2. Finalists for awards for the finest books published in English will read from their works on Wednesday, March 11th from 6 pm to 10 pm. Presented by the National Book Critics Circle. Among the readers will be faculty members from New School MFA program and from Lang. Tishman Auditorium, Alvin Johnson/Kaplan Hall 66 West 12th Street.

Thanks. Jeff Weiser

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Newscasts: Wednesday, March 11th 4-5:30 PM

Dear newsgroup and radio lab students,

I hope everyone had a good weekend. This is a reminder that due to our field trip to WNYC last Friday, we need to record two newscasts on Wednesday, March 11th in the classroom/studio space. Please send all new stories to wnsrnews@gmail.com no later than Wednesday at 1PM. Although stories specifically regarding the New School are preferred, please feel free to submit any news stories that you feel are interesting or under reported in the mainstream media. If you need help with editing, formatting, or have any questions please contact Angela Velicky or myself at wnsrnews@gmail.com. Please note that everyone in the radio lab is required to participate by contributing at least one news story to the newsgroup before the end of the semester.

Best Regards,
Will Bradford, Co-Deputy News Director

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Catastrophe Slam -- check it

Fellow WNSR classmates, Hey if you're on campus at all this weekend, mos def go by the Aronson Gallery and check out what's happening with the Catastrophe Slam. I've witnessed some really thoughtful and provocative movements and heard some amazing speeches since the colloquium kicked off Friday evening. Check out the coverage and WNSR tags created in class which have been posted already: http://newschoolradio.org/index.php?option=com_xemusicfx&func=detail&id=89 (woo-hoo and it's even downloadable! Tell your friends!!!)

Nevin Cohen's presentation has basically convinced me to go back to vegetarianism:

Seriously, if you need ideas for interviews, or need some artsy type audio this event is an asset.

Finally, I've been meaning to post on this for ages -- is there any way for us to get WNSR T-shirts?? Someone brought this up in class and I think it's an excellent way for us to have visibility on and off campus. Plus - WNSR pride, dudes! I still have my KAMP t-shirt from my undergrad years. It's worn and faded, but I still treasure that thing and wear it frequently with pride. Cheers.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chelsea Piers

The Office of Recreation and Intramural Sports is hosting an event tonight (3/6) at Chelsea Piers from 7 - 9 PM. New School students will have free use of the batting cages and rock climbing wall.

I've been to this event several times last semester, and it usually has a turn out of about 20-40 students. The event could be a good opportunity for someone to bring a recorder and get some sound bytes for a features piece, with easy interview opportunities while people are waiting for their turn in the cage or to climb up the wall. Or, if you are just looking for a way to wind down from a long week, it's also a pretty fun time. Unfortunately, I'll be working at OSDA and thus unable to attend myself, but give me a call if you have any questions about the event or need directions to Chelsea Piers. 302-228-9916.

Don't forget your New School ID. 


Dear classes:
This Friday (3/6)'s plan is as follows:


Arrival time: 3:15

Venue: WNYC Radio

Address: 160 Varick St., cr. of Varick and Charlton, 8th Floor

Directions: 1 train to Houston, south end of train, lets you out at Houston and King, walk two blocks to Houston and Charlton. Entrance is large glass doors on Varick just down from the corner, which is plastered with signs that say WNYC Listen Now. Guards may ask for ID; Take the right hand elevators at the back to the 8th floor; wait in reception and I will come and get you. In case of emergencies, my number is 646 829 4137, or ext. 4137 when you are in the building.

If you are for any reason taking a taxi, driver should take 7th down town, it turns into Varick at around christoper street, then directions are as above.

IT IS ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL THAT YOU MAKE IT ON TIME, A STAFF MEMBER WITH A DEADLINE IS GIVING US A PRESENTATION AT 3:30, and I do not have a cell phone. If Donna would like to provide one you can ring that if unavoidably delayed. Donna's cell: 718 755 3600

B) ALL OTHER [PROGRAMMING] TEAMS INCLUDING MUSIC, CULTURE/FEATURES + TALK will meet at the regular location in room 821. ENGINEERS, please also report to 821at 55 West 13th. We will be asking you to help (and learn!) with the Pro Tools workshop.
CULTURAL / FEATURES TEAM WILL NOT BE GOING TO WNYC THIS WEEK and will instead be joining the 3/27 visit.

I will allow a brief 15 minutes for you to discuss any team efforts or work that demands attention, then we will have a brief go-around from each group of the goals you've set and the timetables you've set -- or, for example, with features, what's been accomplished thus far.

To follow: PRO TOOLS sessions in labs 806 and 803. We'll discuss simple editing and sequence development in one room, the other will be more of a workshop / Q&A for those who are already advanced enough. PLEASE COME WITH QUESTIONS YOU'D LIKE ANSWERED! HOW DO I DO _____________________ is a GOOD QUESTION!

One Pro Tools exercise we can work on will be creating show promos. If any of you have a promo for your program already written, or can work on a script tonight, please bring:
- your script
- any other materials you might want to use (music, sound)

we may record it and use these for editing exercises and end up with a useful finished product!

Please also bring any works in progress for playback, critique, and editing help.

Culture / Features personnel working on coverage of the Catastrophe Slam will be permitted to check out around 4/4:30pm.

We STILL need some roving reporters for this during the weekend, 24 hrs starting 10am on Saturday. Anyone interested in this, please reply to Jim.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Jim, Sarah, Donna, Jane

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cool representation

Hey everybody - Kaitlin here.
Just wanted to let the groups know that there's going to be a letter out to all alumni of the school about the progress the radio is making thus far. It's being put out by the Office of Development and Alumni Relations. Letting these guys know could let in some new listenership, so keep up the awesome work!

The Sinking Ship, The Grand Applause


Where and when is the dress rehearsal for the dramatic reenactment of a sinking ship for Catastrophe Slam taking place? 

Thank You,


Monday, March 2, 2009

so, I'm not sure where to go with this.

First of all, my draft for the first Three Fu<{in' Minutes (my amazing, new, biweekly show) is together and desperate for ears. It is, not surprisingly, about three minutes long so, if you're bored and want to scrunch your face up in confusion for a very short time, let me know and I'll email you the MP3. 

Secondly, I am working on a larger-scale, semi-improvised, theatrical audio piece. It may become an episode of 3 Fuquing Min., though it may be more than three minutes long. In the long run, however, a friend and I are planning to make a film out, adding the visual aspects to the already beautiful audio piece. 
It is, of course, totally clumsy and experimental so if you know anyone who might be interested in this kind of project, t/s/he/y should know ahead of time that it could be amazing, it could fall apart, and it could be mediocre. It should also be a lot of fun. I feel hesitant to ask TOO many people who are TOO serious about their Craft because this could be a waste of a few hours repaid with nothing more than the satisfaction earned through a beer, a greatful handshake, and a CD / DVD of a perhaps okay production. 
Whoa, too much paragraph.