Friday, December 5, 2008

News Events: Coverage Needed

WNSR staffers are needed to cover upcoming events:
Friday, Dec 5: 7 pm Media Studies Mixed Messages, the 12 Annual Graduate Student Showcase hosted by poet and founding editor of UbuWeb, Kenneth Goldsmith. Tishman Auditorium 66 West 12th Street.

Monday, Dec 8th: Lawyer Karen Shatzkin on the fundamentals of fair use and copyright laws for filmmakers. 1 - 3:50 pm 2 West 13th Street Room 1204.

Tuesday, Dec 9th: former Senator Paul Sarbanes delivers lecture on Ethics and Government. Sarbanes helped pass major corporate reform bill. Lang 65 W. 11th Street 5th Floor. 7 pm.

Long time commitments are not needed to cover any of the above events. Just bring a recorder, get a soundbite or two and gather the gist of the story. We can use the sound and story on our newscast. Thanks. Jeff Weiser

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