Friday, December 5, 2008

Sound I.D. Collage


Above link to New School Radio sound I.D. collage.

Above link to inside the process of creating the sound I.D.


Careroll said...

Why does Sonam appear so many times?
Because she I thought has several very good takes. And she has an assertive playful tone.

I've been getting a lot of responses about Shota's. Maybe it's the beat?

People asked me if I made the beats.

No I didn't make any of these beats. I'm a DJ and collect many many beats just like how avid book readers collect many books. It's liner.

Also people ask how I did the reverse thing? It's a reverse boom.

The raw take of "you're listening to me" "no me!" "no wait ME!" "no wait me!" "on New School Radio" is the human condition of being self centered. It's playful, yet it portrays self personal motivation.

Another human condition is error at the end takes. The third take is the best because we coordinated during the first 2 takes.

Other tag lines that we want to play with are : shut up and listen and some1 said it's on?

Any how, FYI,

I=Carol (ALT = Audio Logo Technician)

Careroll said...
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Careroll said...

Careroll said...

Can someone who has connections from the Jazz department get me some actual jazz recordings from Floor 5 and 6 people at 55 West 13th KU ?

Because it would add nice variety and it should be more school represented.