Sunday, October 12, 2008

Looking for Engineers?

We've begun a roster of people interested and capable of helping engineer your productions, whether you need someone to run a recording session for you, or some help with your Pro Tools editing and mixing. You can find it here as a public google spreadsheet, and also in the WNSR resources sidebar on this blog. Joe and I will be updating this as more interested parties surface, and we'll also be publicizing tech submission guidelines to clarify what we're aiming for in terms of levels, formats, and editing conventions.

If you need the help, go out and seek some people interested both in practicing their skills and in helping WNSR get more content on the site!

In addition to Joe and Andrea from our On Air course, I'd like to throw out a special recommendation for an exceptionally skilled student in my Audio Production class, Mark Breedlove. He is very interested in helping us out!

We're looking forward to seeing more work submitted by this Wednesday!


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