Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Northeastern's WRBB


I think this might be a terrestrial station as Northeastern University in Boston has heavy funding and is a huge presence in the local area, but the website is still run by a group of college students. The site is really simple, but clean and well organized.

The front page reads almost like a blog, as each entry has it's own separate frame and it reads as 'posted by Alix' or 'posted by Tiny Sam'. It's fun, so it caught my attention. It's not the typical boring 'THIS IS WRBB AND WE BELIEVE IN...blah blah blah." I think that the website being light hearted, they write as if they are writing to a friend in an email, is what would make me want to come back. I don't want to be fed an agenda, there's no commentary on politics or any of that...it's just music and news and events.

In fact, the whole website reads like a blog, which is probably easy for students to go on and update the site. If our site was a blog and was easy to edit we could constantly update our content. Northeastern is a huge school so it would seem like they had tons of content, but looking at the schedule it seems like they really only run on air for a few hours each day.

They don't have a ton of links to other pages, just a schedule, a contact page, an event and a sports page (go Huskies?), and then a link to listen in on the station.

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