Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Delays in site updates, etc

Dear class:

It's Jim Briggs here to inform you of some recent developments that have delayed the posting of some of your production work.

As Joe Plourde noted, our station hard drive had some significant data-structure issues that required my taking it out for maintenance and running several diagnostics and repair programs on it. This went beyond the usual Disk Repair utility that all Macs have and it contributed to the delay.
1) Please make sure to EJECT or UNMOUNT the drive before disconnecting, EVERY TIME you use it. NEVER, EVER, EVER disconnect it before ejecting, or before the station is shut down.
2) For whatever reason, Audio Suite 2 seems to very much dislike our drive. If you plan to use Audio Suite 2, do not connect the WNSR drive to the workstation. Instead use the suite's Work in Progress drive, drag your whole project to the Drop Box, and copy it to the station drive from another workstation for backup.
3) Now more than ever, we remind you that you will benefit from owning either your own 7200 RPM Firewire drive for running sessions directly as well as backup, or a slower / USB drive for backup and storage. In these situations, you can guarantee that you have your work and will not lose it because it exists in two places. If you're in the market for a drive, or want to know what is the best way to format it for using on school stations, contact me.
Also, over the past few days our administrative password to the site was somehow compromised and we had to go into our databases to reset this. In the interim, our site was down and our content and programming managers were unable to update the site. We appreciate your patience and also your respect for and careful attention to procedure during this time and in the future.

Our hope is that with the new site, the responsibility and the exciting prospect of making this YOUR space will be more realistic; we're hoping that with what the web team has to present this Friday we will see this vision in action.

Lastly, you can expect that your productions will be appearing on the site in the coming days if you do not already see it on there and have made a prior deadline.


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