Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I was going to do a feature on the upcoming performance of the Tempest. Does anybody know people in the cast and crew I could get in touch with for interviews?



Jim Briggs said...

Jonny, Cecelia Rubino is the director, and we got a nice feature on their brief performance within the Catastrophe Slam. Carolanne Marcantonio is a performer with WNSR ties (she did the "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" show awhile back). Hethre Contant might also have some info.

One nice angle might be to ask them about taking their performance and providing a bite size of it -- and if this at all changed their approach when they took it back into the theatre.


Jenna D said...

Hey Jonny,
One of the actresses I interviewed who was in Anyone of Us, Lucy Randall is also in The Tempest. I think I could connect you with her, if you need people to interview. - Jenna

Josh said...


I know a few people in the show. I'm not entirely sure of their roles, but I could definitely get you in touch with at least a couple of different people.


Jonny Betz said...

Yes! Please get in touch with them or you could give me their contact e-mail. We're gonna be doing interviews in audio suite 2 on Monday from 4-8. Also, I'll be attending the Sunday matinee with a handheld recorder.

Jenna D said...

Jonny, what's your email? Mine is Jenna.Duncan AT gmail.com. Send me your email addy and I will put you in touch with peeps, or I will just direct them to your recording session Monday.