Friday, April 3, 2009

Music Catalogue Etc.

Hey Folks,

We have been discussing the growth and accessibility of WNSR programming, more specifically music, and we've come to some ideas.

At this point in the stations history, and given the fact that we are not yet streaming 24/7, we figured that it is not a priority to try and collaborate with different promotions and labels to have them send us music. We have no way to report charts like BMI, CMJ, Top 200, etc. Also we figure that most DJ sets or other music programming is determined by the individual DJ who most likely has a set idea of the content that they want to play. It is certainly something that we can get started on as I'm sure we have many people at WNSR that have contacts within the industry. That said we have created a tentative place to have any of your contacts (labels, students, your band, promotion companies etc.). Send us digital music by loging onto: password: spring2009

To upload music, click on the documents tab at the top, and then browse for the file and click upload.

We were also discussing our music library... We are determined to get at least one 1TB drive where people can share their music and where we can archive the music that has been on our shows. This would require diving into our budget, or getting a tremendously dedicated group of students who want to throw down $20 bucks or so to get a 1TB drive under $300. So keep that in mind...

In conjunction with the archiving issues, we are concerned about the search functions on the website. We would like to work with the web team in creating an online digital library that is search able, so that the music can be easily located. This includes any music on the drive and music located on our shows.

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