Tuesday, April 21, 2009

WNSR Drive missing

Dear class:

I've already emailed everyone on this, but the whereabouts of our station's hard drive are currently unknown, and this is obviously cause for alarm.

The last known location of the drive was Audio Suite 3 on Wednesday night 4/15 for the newscast. It's unclear if, after this, it was put back in my locker as is standard procedure.

If you have any information about this, might have seen the drive, or if you have the drive, please contact me and Joe Plourde immediately at BriggsJR at newschool dot edu, and plourj33 at newschool dot edu.

It is a grey Western Digital Hard Drive, 1TB, usually in a black box that is pretty worn, along with a creme tote bag that it's carried in. It should have power cables and firewire cable inside.


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