Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Hello folks --

Sex, Lies and Radiowaves, one of WNSR's marquee shows, needs the help of all of our classmates.

Special request: EVERYONE, PLEASE, BRING A SEX QUESTION TO CLASS THAT ANDREW AND JULIA CAN ANSWER FOR THEIR NEXT EPISODE. So that there is no issue of anonymity, it would be best if you brought the questions on paper, unsigned, and simply submit them in a "stack" (I'll collect them, and I promise I won't look). If everyone does this, they should have an abundance of questions to answer over the course of their next episode or two.


Today we are uploading an entire new selection of programs to the WNSR site, including:

Open Your Mind Episode 1
WNSR Newscast - November 18, 2008
Jingles' Jangles Vol. II
DEAD AIR, Episode 1
DWNTWN Sound Episode 2.

By Friday we'll also post:
Musically F**king the Patriarchy
Mannes Downtown (pending review)

This is a spate of new programming, so please do whatever you can individually to get the word out publicly that the site features an entire new frontpage of programming.

If anyone has any questions, please either comment here or e-mail me directly. See you Friday!

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