Friday, November 7, 2008 Emerson College Radio.

The site for WERS is aesthetically cliché with its uses of pastel purples and blues, and its splatter paint banner. But in relation to functionality it is effective. The banner reads "Voted #1 College Radio by the Princeton Review". On the left and right column there is advertising. And on the top right corner of the left column it displays what show is playing right now and the different modes to listen to it: Analog 88.9, realplayer, streaming audio, and iTunes. Under the banner there are links to sections titled: Listen, Membership, Articles, Shows, Playlists, and Info & Contacts. When clicking on Listen it takes you to a page showing the different radio stations in the region that it broadcasts on, including HD, and online it gives you two different streaming and iTunes options. Under shows it displays the hours Monday-Sunday that various shows and DJ sets are played, and shows the various programs when scrolling down. In the Articles page it presents a library of links to pieces written on the radio station. When clicking on Playlists, one can see minute by minute which songs by which artists are coming up. The best part about the WERS webpage is that on the main page the layout is in grid form. This displays various shows, events, prizes, CD release parties, and live concert schedules. I feel like this layout versus the WNSR layout is better for people to see what is being offered by the station. Instead of having to scroll down and browse vertically, all of the shows are presented right in front of you.

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