Friday, November 7, 2008

WYBC review

The homepage of WYBC Yale Radio looks very clean, straightforward, serious, almost sterile and boring but friendly. The microsoft-blue color scheme is especially uncreative. However, the website immediately tells you how you can start listening, and the rest is easy to navigate. They have a nice and thorough article on the radio station's history in their "about" section, but their "news" sections seems to be mostly for Yale students interested in working for the station. According to their "schedule" section they are in a "transition period", which makes me curious to know if they are updating their simple design. The rest of the links more or less are empty, only claiming that content is currently "being compiled" or "coming soon". My favorite part was that at the end of their "contact" section, after a long list of credits and contacts, it says "To Talk to a Human - Feel free to email Sean". Talking to humans is pretty important in this day and age.

Overall, an empty and uninteresting website, with no fancy features, but does the job of connecting you to their web-radio perfectly well.

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