Friday, November 7, 2008

WNSR Marketing Strategies

Hi all:
Here is the list of marketing ideas that we compiled in class today.

  • Giveaways/Prizes: WNSR T-shirts, WNSR Totes, WNSR Stickers
  • "Story Corp"-Style WNSR Recording Booth (In The Works)
  • Listening Booths in high-traffic areas
  • Invite students to attend recording sessions of live bands
  • Attend events- like school events/parades- record students and offer them a flyer/takeaway directing them to the site, where they can hear their interview
  • Create a host presence- DJ's and Hosts should appear frequently at various events.
  • Facebook- Donate your status
  • Facebook- Invite your friends to join the WNSR Group
  • "Elevator Guerrilla Marketing"- On-the-spot interviews
  • Branding/Identifiers- Mic flags, etc.
  • Takeaways/Scavenger Items: Stickers, Buttons- to be left in labs and other student destinations for casual pick-up
  • connection (In the Works)
  • Weekly Observer connection
  • NS Free Press connection (In the Works)
  • Inserts in packets for incoming New Students
  • Event: Musician Showcase event featuring both New School student musicians and outside bands. Venue: perhaps a bar/coffee shop/LES, etc. Hosted by WNSR.
  • Large posters advertising our eclecticism, identity, diversity.
  • DJ set in the courtyard
  • Host-driven guerrilla marketing for individual shows
  • Musician's sites- record stores, etc.- reach out to them for in-store promotional opportunities
  • Record promos of individual shows to play on other producer's shows
  • Joint event (In the Works with

For next class, think about the tasks that you might be able and willing to take on.

Please let me know if I've forgotten anything, and feel free to add more items to the list!


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Design Technology Thesis said...

I agree with the DJ set. Trust me, it will draw attention!