Sunday, November 23, 2008

Logo Sketches from Parsons

Pick the logo that best fits WNSR:

What makes a good logo?
  1. It must be describable
  2. It must be memorable
  3. It must be effective without colour
  4. It must be scalable i.e. effective when just an inch in size


Joe Pee said...

What happened to DV's logos? They need some work, but I liked their flavor and overall neutrality.

garret said...

oi! where's dv's logos? I'd go for that with modification of course. Or the logo with the mouth. I do like, however, shota's WNSR in the box with the red outline... maybe that can be worked together with dv's? who knows

garret said...

oh I also like Shota's #12 because it keeps that splattered paint thing consistent with the actual school logo. Additionally, I don't really dig on the converse of colors... I think if we are trying to stay as much within the realm of NS that we should stay with the pleasing orange & red theme.

Trevor Hagstrom said...

I like Lauren's (especially the 3rd one from the second picture I think it is) because they effectively re-imagine the newschools logos. Sonam's second pictures (the ones with the microphone would be good for something else too. They both have a good color scheme for the station too. Also DV's are great and should be used for something.

News Time said...

I'd vote for the second set of Lauren's designs (numbers 2, 3 or 4) I like how 2 and 4 feature the standard New School logo. That makes WNSR radio all the more associated with The New School. Also, number 3's slogan is a good one: "The Future of Radio."

... said...

Shota's 8,9, and 10 are my faves. They're so adaptable and contemporary!

D.V. Caputo said...

Oops, that was just me.

camdiggidy said...

I like Shota's #12, because it does dovetail with our lovely university's whole art-gritty-paint-splatter-logo-theme, but in the contrasting colors is a nice deviation from the expected. (I like the warm color combo, too, but if went with that for this number it would just feel like a copycat.) It works well in black and white too (letterhead, anyone?).

Dennie R. Boyer said...

Okay, so I like Shota's #6 and #12 (new school themed with paint). I also like Sonam #1 (the top Sonam sheet)with the microphone.

Anonymous said...

Shonam's #4 and Sota's #4

Júlía said...

i like DVs logos best... but besides that i like shota's number 8 & 11 and lauren's number 1 & 2 (color)

reedvannort said...

I like Shota's
color: 6 & 8
B&W: 12

Color: 1
B&W: 5

B&W pt.1: 4
B&W pt.2: 4 and 5 (i think these are the overall best designs but am not into the color scheme of the designs in color)