Thursday, March 5, 2009


Dear classes:
This Friday (3/6)'s plan is as follows:


Arrival time: 3:15

Venue: WNYC Radio

Address: 160 Varick St., cr. of Varick and Charlton, 8th Floor

Directions: 1 train to Houston, south end of train, lets you out at Houston and King, walk two blocks to Houston and Charlton. Entrance is large glass doors on Varick just down from the corner, which is plastered with signs that say WNYC Listen Now. Guards may ask for ID; Take the right hand elevators at the back to the 8th floor; wait in reception and I will come and get you. In case of emergencies, my number is 646 829 4137, or ext. 4137 when you are in the building.

If you are for any reason taking a taxi, driver should take 7th down town, it turns into Varick at around christoper street, then directions are as above.

IT IS ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL THAT YOU MAKE IT ON TIME, A STAFF MEMBER WITH A DEADLINE IS GIVING US A PRESENTATION AT 3:30, and I do not have a cell phone. If Donna would like to provide one you can ring that if unavoidably delayed. Donna's cell: 718 755 3600

B) ALL OTHER [PROGRAMMING] TEAMS INCLUDING MUSIC, CULTURE/FEATURES + TALK will meet at the regular location in room 821. ENGINEERS, please also report to 821at 55 West 13th. We will be asking you to help (and learn!) with the Pro Tools workshop.
CULTURAL / FEATURES TEAM WILL NOT BE GOING TO WNYC THIS WEEK and will instead be joining the 3/27 visit.

I will allow a brief 15 minutes for you to discuss any team efforts or work that demands attention, then we will have a brief go-around from each group of the goals you've set and the timetables you've set -- or, for example, with features, what's been accomplished thus far.

To follow: PRO TOOLS sessions in labs 806 and 803. We'll discuss simple editing and sequence development in one room, the other will be more of a workshop / Q&A for those who are already advanced enough. PLEASE COME WITH QUESTIONS YOU'D LIKE ANSWERED! HOW DO I DO _____________________ is a GOOD QUESTION!

One Pro Tools exercise we can work on will be creating show promos. If any of you have a promo for your program already written, or can work on a script tonight, please bring:
- your script
- any other materials you might want to use (music, sound)

we may record it and use these for editing exercises and end up with a useful finished product!

Please also bring any works in progress for playback, critique, and editing help.

Culture / Features personnel working on coverage of the Catastrophe Slam will be permitted to check out around 4/4:30pm.

We STILL need some roving reporters for this during the weekend, 24 hrs starting 10am on Saturday. Anyone interested in this, please reply to Jim.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Jim, Sarah, Donna, Jane

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