Saturday, March 7, 2009

Catastrophe Slam -- check it

Fellow WNSR classmates, Hey if you're on campus at all this weekend, mos def go by the Aronson Gallery and check out what's happening with the Catastrophe Slam. I've witnessed some really thoughtful and provocative movements and heard some amazing speeches since the colloquium kicked off Friday evening. Check out the coverage and WNSR tags created in class which have been posted already: (woo-hoo and it's even downloadable! Tell your friends!!!)

Nevin Cohen's presentation has basically convinced me to go back to vegetarianism:

Seriously, if you need ideas for interviews, or need some artsy type audio this event is an asset.

Finally, I've been meaning to post on this for ages -- is there any way for us to get WNSR T-shirts?? Someone brought this up in class and I think it's an excellent way for us to have visibility on and off campus. Plus - WNSR pride, dudes! I still have my KAMP t-shirt from my undergrad years. It's worn and faded, but I still treasure that thing and wear it frequently with pride. Cheers.

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