Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Hello all! sorry for posting this so late!
As discussed on our last meeting, it would help a lot if the Marketing team has a little info about the programs you are doing and that are currently 'on-air'. As you know, this is for the campaign.

For example, the name of the show, what kind of show is it (music, talk etc) what kind of music/themes are offered, what do you think makes it attractive to students and any other info you consider relevant. Please reply through 'comments'.


Marketing Team

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News Time said...

Not sure if marketing needs news, but as you know our news department has been quite active and has been producing frequent newscasts featuring campus news and of course we have concentrated on the student and faculty upheavals on campus and at NYU as well. We feature a staff of newspeople who cover campus events and off campus news as well.
Jeff Weiser