Monday, March 30, 2009

WNSR & New School Jazz & Contemprary Music

Hey everyone... Some quick news to spark the sparks...
There has been profound interest and desire expressed by New School Jazz & Contemporary Music to have a presence on WNSR in some capacity.
Currently, there is a large amount of material already recorded or about to be recorded
of different ensembles that exist at the Jazz school.
I will emphasize that the material is a range of styles and materials outside the genres of Jazz
and would emphasize that the CONTEMPORARY side of the music would be quite present in most cases. Pertinent information regarding these ensembles and the people involved can be
learned and acquired to shed more light on the recordings themselves... research is good.

I write you now to garner who would be interested in incorporating this material or allowing for new, live material on an existing or approaching music show/program?
There is material already recorded... can an existing show perhaps include some of NS Jazz music in its rotation?
Can a live band from NS Jazz come and perform from time to time through WNSR?
I can aid in connecting interested parties with the powers that be at NS Jazz to facilitate this endeavor.... and facilitate interested students to those who want to build a show with this in mind.

The pros of this relationship with Jazz allows for:
• More of a cross-pollination between the different schools.
• Relationships begin for musical composition needs for Media Studies, soundtracks for short-films, animations etc...
through fostering this connection and a pipeline through which students at Jazz can connect with the NS body as a whole.
• Original programming that is endemic to the New School and the New School only.
• Most material has already been recorded, all it would need is someone interested in learning more about the ensembles,
the students and a show can be built around it.

You may ask: Why don't I do it?
Well. I am a musician and an engineer, not a producer... so there you have it...
Plus, I am graduating in a year and have plenty of work to do on my own outside of NS Radio.

That said. I love you all.
Please respond with interests ASAP!
The force will be with you... always.
Hasta la victoria, siempre!


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