Thursday, March 12, 2009

NEW CLASSROOM 3/13!!! and other important infos


Tomorrow (Friday, March 13) we will be meeting in a new location:
it's at 6 East 16th Street, right off of Fifth Avenue. Room is 1009, (might say D-1009). 3pm as usual.

If you haven't been to this New School building before, try and arrive a touch early to get your bearings. We'll be in a larger space so you can stretch out your legs, hopefully grab a seat, and enjoy the class.

We have slated for tomorrow:
1) SHORT GROUP MEETS, quick reports from each thereafter to update the rest of the class on what they are working on, deadlines, goals, etc.? This will help both Web and Marketing with their work. (<15min).

Web will present a functional version of the new website and be looking for feedback from the rest of the class so they can spend the next two weeks fine-tuning functionality and working on a front end visual design for the launch (3/27!).

Marketing will present a revised plan/schedule/strategy for the rest of the semester and present what they have been working on so far...and of course, look for feedback from the class.

4) DISCUSSION OF... AND PLAYBACK FROM CULTURAL / FEATURES works and works in progress. PLEASE BRING PROJECTS you're working on or have just finished if you are in this team. Sarah and I will also have some examples for you, and we may call upon some work already published on We will have CD and computer audio and I will also be bringing mobile Pro Tools if your project is in this domain.

5) PRODUCTION -- if you're not in news, you should be spending the rest of the class meeting with people you're teaming up with to produce work. NEWS, as usual, will be dismissed to record another newscast back in 821 (please correct me if I'm wrong)

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


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