Thursday, March 12, 2009

NewSchool Music Coverage

Hey Y'all,
So we're coming up on spring break and a few of you have already submitted your first draft of shows and what not... yea! There will inevitably be some more free time, and so I have a project that is ready to make headway.

Adam Zucker is a former New School student that has requested coverage, and it'd be cool to oblige. His music is essentially soft indie-folk, and Zucker with a low-register voice has a nice story telling quality to his lyrics. Here's a little blurb:

Zucker's tracks "A Soldier's Lullaby," the set-opener "Going Home," "Chasing Tomorrow" (our personal fave) and "Summer Sky" are perfect adult-alternative cuts with striking instrumental interplay and staggered layers softened in passion and production. Each tune is like a beach stone, tumbled on the lake floor before washing on the shore. Take note: Jacob Bergson from the [Cleveland Jazz Project] plays organ on three of the disc's tracks. Good stuff from this Zucker cat; an auspicious debut." –Peter Chakerian, Cool Cleveland

Here are some links to his stuff:

I believe all his tracks can be listened to. Either way, I have the cd and am staying in contact with him, SO if anyone doesn't have a full plate and would like to help get some of these requests off the ground, let me know! It'd be nice to integrate him into a playlist, but it'd be wonderful to do a feature with a possible interview as well.

?? Also, anyone going to SXSW in Austin? It'd be the shit to get some audio and interviews there! Think about it.

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