Thursday, September 11, 2008

Digitial Handshake

Evening Classmates!

My name is Richard Boggs. Let me explain a little about myself. I'm a third semester Media Studies grad student, with a focus on documentary film. The term 'film' is fairly misleading, as the majority of what I study and practice has never touched celluloid. That is both a consequence to how the New School functions, but also due in part to the mixed media approach most news rooms utlize.

I've worked in print, at a couple of newspapers, in radio, at KTRM - a student run radio station, and television news, TRUnews. It is through these experiences I've discovered that these medium have much more in common than any differences I can cite here. The method is the same, as is the purpose - to diseminate information. They are but channels. It is the final product that fluxuates.

I am reluctant to start a new blog on this thing, as I already have one I attempt to maintain, which can be found here. Enjoy it at your liesure. There you will find a few of the audio pieces I've constructed over the summer in the Radio Narratives Class that Cambra also TA'd. Tell me what you think!

Sitting in the first class they other day, I was first overwhelmed by the task before us. It is daunting in some repsect. But we need to understand what kind of opportunity we have in our hands. We have the skills and the energy, and if not the know how, we soon will. We can create something that not only we are proud us, but the New School community as a whole. Not to mention the generations of students behind us.

We can lay the foundation for something great.

I know it.

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