Friday, September 12, 2008

WSJU Campus Radio, by Jeff Weiser / WNSR

WSJU radio is the campus radio voice of St. Johns University in Queens,New York. The radio station has been operating as the official radio station of St. John's University since 1974. The student run station is broadcast to the Marillac Cafeteria and to the campus dorms on Channel 36 of the residence village televisions. Right now, there is a considerable effort to get the station on the internet. Students are having to cut through some bureacracy in their attempt to broadcast on the internet. There is some concern by the administration at the University which is affiliated with the Catholic Church. On air students may have to sign a "decency" pledge so that the University is not embarrassed by questionable or remarks deemed obscene.

The station is student run with a General Manager, Program Director, Production and IT Director, Sports/News Director, Promotions Director, Music Director, Alternative Music Director, Urban (music) Director and Loud Rock Director. The University has granted the station an operating budget of roughly $20-thousand dollars per year (for Fall and Spring semesters) Six of the top managers at the station receive stipends of about $600 to 800 dollars per semester. The rest of the budget is spent on promotional items, giveaways, field trips and station equipment. Major expenditures must be approved by the faculty moderator/advisor.

On a recent day, programming included these shows: (interspersed with student produced news)

Morning Mix 9 am to 11:05
The Blend 11:15 to 2:20
Urban Rhythms 2:30 to 4:30
Underground Sounds 4:40 to 6:40
Some speciality shows included:
Black Eyed Soul with Elona Monday 8 to 9 pm
The Electric Marmalade Fluff Hour with Danny & Joe Tuesday 4:40 to 6 pm
Tom and Tom's Tuesday Night Air Guitar Party Tuesday 8 to 10 PM
The Mix-Master DJ Academy w/ DJ Derf Thursday 8 - 10 PM

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