Friday, September 26, 2008

My Show Outline.

Hosts: Dalia Vann, D.V. Caputo

Contact Information:, (respectively)

Class: WNSR Radio Lab

Title: We're not sure yet(potential title: "D.V.D.V.?").

Duration: O2 Weekly, O1 Hour

Synopsis: An electronic and experimental music DJ set and advice column(and/or monologue set), this
show will focus on both the old and the new; the analog and the digital of electronic music. We will play everything from early Futurist noisemaker recordings to the latest in Minimal Techno and French House. Another major element of this show will be a feature on sexuality, in addition to a weekly column answering questions e-mailed by New School students from all walks of life. This may be changed into a monologue intertwined with the DJ set itself.

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