Saturday, September 13, 2008

This is Hethre. I am currently not in school, but I was a Lit concentrator at Lang before they graduated me out of school. The plan is to return to school w/ the media studies program this spring.  I love radio, especially terrestrial, but I am coming around to fully embracing internet radio with all it has to offer too. I've worked at WBAI for a few years and I hope that WNSR never ends up with problems like that station has. It is important to keep radio fun and playful. Since graduation I have made sound art and even "shown" it at a gallery! That was fun. 

Here is my list of suggested listening: 

Love and Radio The episode entitled "Bloody Fingers" really demonstrates the visual capabilities of the audio medium.

The third coast festival Re:sound Podcast Listen to episode #98 and welcome the return of radio drama in "More Than a Game" 

Club Awesome! Despite the stupid name, it's not terrible.

If you type "Gene Simmons" + "Terry Gross" into google and click the first result, then you will find an interesting interview from Fresh Air. It sounds like it was recorded in a can because it is bootleg. 

Also I'm writing a paper about this feature Bells in Europe by Peter Leonhard Braun to which you should also listen. 

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camdiggidy said...

There's also a great Re:sound special "featurette," commissioned by the Steppenwolf Theater in Chicago (where Third Coast is based), of cell phone plays by some great audio artists. Fantastic inspiration and a reminder of what the seemingly simplest media can convey!

(Available for listen on their site, which is apparently currently down. Sorry for the inconvenience!)