Friday, September 12, 2008


Hi all,

My name is Andrew Tatreau. I am originally from Omaha, NE and am currently a junior at Lang with a media studies concentration. My primary area of work is in digital media, and documentary film. In high school I was the producer of our cable television show which aired every three weeks on the local public access channel. Right now I am in the middle of editing a fund raising video through the New School for the I Have A Dream Program, and my own freelance documentary on a 22 year old friend of mine who just opened up an art gallery in the LES.

When it comes to radio I am practically a novice. Since I work heavily in visual media, I thought I would challenge myself by working solely with sound for once. I listened to the "New Jobs, Old Professions" feature on the NSR website. Aside from the poor sound quality, I feel that the piece lacked depth. There were a variety of women who discussed their experiences, risks, etc. But what I wanted to know was how being a dominatrix affects social and familial relationships. Are these people open with siblings, parents, grandparents about this profession? Is it possible to date while working this job/have any of the women had boyfriends or girlfriends while working? I also would have liked more specific recollections, from those being interviewed, about their strangest encounters, when and how they felt in danger, etc. A lot of what the women said were vague statements.

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