Friday, September 19, 2008

Interview subject/questions

I would like to interview Arien Mack the Alfred J. and Monette C. Marrow Professor of Psychology at The New School for Social Research. The interview would be one that used Dr. Mack for her expertise rather than one about her career. Before I interview her I will read one of her articles: "Is the World a Grand Illusion," published in The Journal of Consciousness studies. To familarize myself with some of her work. I chose Dr. Mack because she seemed to be the resident expert on matters of visual perception and experimental psychology, probably the most likely to talk frankly on the complex and somewhat controversial subject of the aligmighty "freak out." I think it would be entertaining and informative for an audience of psychedelic music to learn about what causes the "freak out" from an expert.

Here are some preliminary questions I am considering before I email the Doctor. I am sure reading some of her work will provoke some better ones.

1. Why would the same external conditions cause two different subjects under the same psychoactive influences to react in opposite ways? (Paranoia vs. Euphoria etc...)

2. What would be a certain way to avoid the "freak out," especially for novices.

3. If we can't be certain about our external reality, then how can we cultivate a state of "awareness."

4. Is there such a thing as to much or not enough "reality?" What would be an example of this.

5. Please explain the concept of "Inattentional Blindness."

6. What happens when we lose our attention? Where does our mind go? Why do we lose focus? etc...

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