Friday, September 12, 2008

Júlía says hi

My name is Júlía Hermannsdóttir and I am a junior year student of illustration at Parsons. I am from Iceland but moved here for school 2 years ago. If you are interested I have a personal blog titled Stories from Icemerica.

I grew up listening to Icelandic public radio but moved on to American public radio when I came here. I did need much convincing though, as I did not believe that a non-american person could enjoy a radio show with a title like "This American Life". I was wrong, ofcourse.

These days I listen to New York Public Radio almost every morning as I get up and every night as I go to sleep. When I am not getting up or going to sleep I listen to podcast radio. It is especially helpful to listen to radio programs while doing the time consuming manual labour of illustration work. It is very calming to listen to public radio while drawing and I know that many artists do this.

Some of my favorite (and recommended) podcasts are: This American Life, Radio Lab, the Savage Love Podcast, To the Best of Our Knowledge, Selected Shorts and the Classic Tales Podcast.

The WNSR Feature I listened to was New Jobs in Old Profession: Andy Folk.

The feature was fairly interesting and well done in my opinion, although it did not tell me anything I have not heard before. I am pretty sure that anyone who has lived in New York for a couple of years has been exposed to the facts about young people in sex work. If however I didn't live here, I probably wouldn't even know what "Craigslist" is. It was slightly irritating that the volume of Andy folk's voice was lower than the volume of the women he interviewed, and strange that they bleeped out just one word out of many similar ones. But overall, a good effort.

I look forward to working with all of you in this class, and learning more about how a radio station is created.

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