Friday, September 12, 2008

Jeff Weiser Intro

Hi WNSR classmates. I am Jeff Weiser and am more than halfway done with my Media Studies Masters program. Hopefully I will graduate this spring. I am teaching broadcast journalism part time now at St. John's University.
I have a broadcast background and have worked in radio and tv. I started in a very small market making $100-dollars a week and worked my way to New York City. I mention the small paycheck because I heard Barack Obama last night say he started making something like $20-thousand a year as a community organizer.
I have worked on the local and network level in television and radio. My resume is varied with stops at CNN, Bloomberg TV and Radio, WINS, WPIX and Fox Five TV. My experience certainly does not mean I know all there is to know. Quite the contrary. I am not a "techie" and some of the up to date techniques and equipment may prove a bit of a challenge to me. But I am not afraid to tackle new ways to create quality content and hope I can contribute to that end this semester for WNSR.

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