Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sample Proposals for Shows - Due Friday

This is a skeleton of a proposal as constructed by Terkik King and myself. This should allow you to not stress about the assignment, as well as flesh out your ideas.

NAME: Richard Boggs



TITLE: Deep Cuts

HOST(S): Richard Boggs

GENRE: Music (As opposed to News and Features)

LENGTH: 1 hour

FREQUENCY: Weekly (As opposed to Daily, Bi-weekly, or once a Semester)

TOTAL NUMBER OF SHOWS: 12 (As opposed to 30 for a full year.)

PITCH: (A short two to three sentence explanation of your show)

As a rotating weekly theme show, DEEP CUTS focuses on a new classic band each show, educating and entertaining listeners with the essential studio tracks, live recordings, rare demos, and b-sides of popular and important modern musical groups and artists. Join host Richard Boggs for a weekly musical journey though the history of THE BEETLES, NIRVANA, RADIOHEAD, and others!

THE SHOW: (A longer Explanation of the show)

DEEP CUTS is an hour long journey the history of your favorite bands. Intercutting essential tracks, news clips, interviews, facts and little known trivia, it is a show for both the less informed as well as the die-hard listeners. Each week will feature a new band, each important in their own way to modern musical history. Host Richard Boggs invites record store owners for interviews regarding their favorite band, if they happen to be the topic of the show. These guests will provide additional facts, figures, and trivia as well as entertaining anecdotes about the band, and their reception with the musical community. Dispersed throughout the hour length will be classic interviews recorded throughout time, revealing the character of band members, as well as important stopping points in history for the bands. Rare live recordings will be played as well as unique and less known cuts.

DEEP CUTS is a journey through the known and unknown; will educate and entertain; will have you listening every week.

TIME CLOCK: (Lay out in some detail, how time will be spent in the normal show with the allotted time you have described)

:00 DEEP CUTS intro

:30 Band introduction

1:00 Musical Set

7:00 Band origins

10:00 Interview

15:00 Live Musical Set

25:00 Guest Interview

35:00 Musical Set

45:00 Facts, Figures, and Impact

50:00 Musical Set

57:00 Final Words, Next Week’s Band

58:00 Last Song


Who is the audience for the show? (Describe either in terms of “type of listener” or demographic group)

*Obviously the intended audience for the whole station is The New School, all it’s colleges and their attendant students, faculty and staff, and while every show is intended to appeal to as wide an audience (beyond The New School) as possible, it’s not a bad idea to get the show producer thinking about target audience since that seems to be a relevant question to whatever project in whatever medium we’re dealing with.


Can you produce the show entirely on your own, or do you need outside help to either engineer, host, or edit the show?

Some questions to ponder while preparing your show proposal:

1. Do you have any pertinent background/experience in (a) radio broadcasting and/or (b) public speaking/performing or (c) an area of experience or expertise that you can draw upon to enhance the show?

2. What are the priorities, purposes, and goals of this program?

3. What type(s) of music would you like to play?

4. What resources will you draw on to help you prepare for your program (artist info, interviews, music research)?

In the case of interview- or talk-driven shows:

5. What topic(s) are you intending to explore?

6. Talk radio shows require variety to be interesting. This means that you will need to include voices other than your own. How will you accomplish this with: (be specific)


Differing Opinions?

Guests and Interviews?

7. A quality radio program can require a lot of preparation time. How much time per week will you be able to spend preparing for your show?

8. From the point of view of someone in the audience you have described, please explain what they will like about your show and why they will tune in regularly?

9. When considering the time clock, consider how will you provide variety in the flow and pacing of your show?

26. If your show is modeled on, or inspired by another radio show, please describe that show and explain what you like about it.

27. For promotional purposes, describe your program in one imaginative sentence.

I hope this helps you prepare your proposal, as well as flesh out ideas you may have had or are heading toward.

tk and rb

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