Monday, September 29, 2008

Resource: Public Programming

I met with Pam Tillis, the Director of Public Programming at NSGS, who is also on the station's advisory board, to talk about establishing a more regular protocol for soliciting and accessing content. She highly recommends use of the NSGS Public Programming Events Calendar to seek out in advance (the version up now runs through December) content you might be interested in recording and sharing with listeners. The two that are coming up Thursday and Friday sound especially interesting and she encourages anyone who might be interested in taping those to contact her.

She also provided me with a release form given to all public programming guests, which ensures them that their likeness will be used in an educational and not-for-profit context. I will link it up to the site soon. If the program is already being webcast, as many of them are, you do not need to worry about securing a release form. If you want to tape something that's not otherwise being recorded, then you can print and give the release forms to the guests. The form is university-wide and so can be used for any public event on campus.

In the longer run I'd like to create a space for all contact information in various divisions and departments that students can use consistently. For now, Pam can be reached at 212-229-5353 / Please note that she is the person to contact for New School for General Studies programming only. Other contact information will hopefully be available soon!


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