Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just saying hello

Hi, Trevor Hagstrom here, 3rd term Media Studies student. This I listened to my normal weekly dose of Morning Editions and All Things Considered. To prepare for class I also caught the "Indie Imports," Dj set, as i found the concept charming. I liked their choice of music and casual style, but expected more than 24 minutes, considering there wasn't much talking or many bells and whistles.

I decided as a first step to becoming a more radio-centric media consumer, to listen to an episode of what some my friends consider their favorite radio show: This American Life. I hope to repeat this feat at least once a week. In addition, I took Cambra's recommendation and checked out the "Making the Hippo Dance" podcast. I think that was a good one to start with. It resonated with me. I definately need a heaping spoonfull of sugar with my science news.

My main work experience lies in newsradio, hence it is what I usually listen to. I hope to help start a WNSR news program, perhaps acting as a newsreporter, article writer and/or producer. I want to get with some of the NSFP peopole and see if they would be willing to read their articles, or allow some of us do it for them.

I personally want to proform in and produce a radio comedy show of my own design. It will be a fake radio, variety, sort of like a radio Colbert Report. I will be looking for funny folks to do some voice acting and commentary. I already found a columnist from the NSFP that I want to snag.

See y'all tomorrow.


Jim Briggs said...

Trevor, you should get a hold of Ben Goldman, a Lang student who worked with us two semesters ago. He is now interning at the Colbert Report and would be a great addition to the fake news program.

See you this afternoon!

Tonyb said...

Hey Trevor, I am interested in the exact same thing. I used to have a cable access comedy tv show and I am very interested in writing satire. Perhaps we should collaborate.