Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hello - Proposal for "Soap Box"

I've always liked that term - I have heard the words "Oh! So you're on your soap box now, are you?" many, many times in the context of my grandparents bickering... and I'd like to put the phrase in a more positive light :)

Name - Kaitlin Sansoucie
Contact -
Class - On Air: New School Radio
Show Title - "On Soap Box"
Host - Kaitlin
Genre - Talk show
Length - 45 minutes to 1 hour
Frequency - Weekly
# of shows - I'd like to go through summer

Pitch: Each week I'll look over submissions and get a topic and interviewees ready for a discussion. That's the basic format. The topics can vary greatly, but I will generally have people of diverse backgrounds talking about subjects closely related to them, or their area of interest/study. Example - A couple of members from the Feminist group MOXIE, who are not from the US, talking about the difference between various displays of female sexuality here in the US and in their countries - how it affects them (and the many, many layers that can be uncovered within that topic). If the response was overwhelming for that show, I might manipulate the topic, give it a new spin, by having some guys talk about the same things on the next show, and in response to that show I would twist the responses of the 3rd show to fit another area of the topic and go from there on. That is the basic idea of how I plan on building my show, and I feel as though it's a necessary approach to take in this case, because I want to really bring out opinions, and actually give people a chance to explore them, and so everything should branch off as a long, long discussion in a class room might if there were ever time (and... all the long sentences show I'm capable of this). If people are interested in the twists and turns, they'll be back, and it'll be fun.

Staffing requirements - I need people: technically minded people who can work Pro Tools and any necessary equipment, or at least feel as though they can figure it out. If you've got the time, there's no steady commitment at this point, but if I had some people you could work on the stuff biweekly as you're able.

* Creative designer Ninze is working on a poster that will be sent out in a mass email advertising a need for submissions for interested guests/listeners with ideas. That is just to get things in line for upcoming weeks, the interview for next week should be done by the end of this week. More to come...

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