Friday, September 12, 2008

Hi All

Hey Everybody-
My name is Dennie and I'm a third semester grad student in Media Studies. I'm also pursuing the Media Management certificate. Although I am very interested in the creative production aspect of radio-making, I am going to try to focus on managerial issues that might appear before us as we go on (I take that back...that will CERTAINLY appear before us.) Organization and planning are imperative since we're literally working in time. I am also very interested in promotions for our radio station. It seems that awareness of this station is fairly low, so it would be a nice goal to get as many people involved as possible (or tuning in).

While perusing NewSchoolRadio, I ended up listening to New Jobs in Old Profession by Andy Folk, the piece about contemporary sex workers in the "Features" section of the site. I found it to be very interesting. It also made me realize how creative and inventive we can get in terms of topics and themes.

I listened to NPR to get my public radio fix; it was a piece about some form of managerial boot camp being held at a horse camp (the Business Section). Apparently, manager's can learn about how to solve problems by being given challenges involving horses. It was a straightforward piece that was put together well; mixing narrative, interviews and ambient sound.

I hope to continue to listen to a wide variety of radio shows...from sex wherever the wind may take me.

See you in class!


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