Thursday, September 18, 2008

WNSR News Breifs 9/19- 9/27

I will post some news stories every week here, on this blog that the fledgling news team (Jeffery, Anthony, Angela and myself) have dug up and might ad to our program. Feel free to comment if you want to cover them, amend this, or just comment.

Next week we are going to try to cover....

1. A story on John Turturro, who has just been designated as The New School for drama's resident artist.
2. Goings on at the jazz school

3. The satirical group "the yes men" are planning something new. In case you have never heard of the Yes Men, they were the subject of a documentary. The group impersonates spokesmen for major corporations and government departments, but poke fun at these instiutions. They have appeared on national television several times posing as representatives from Dow chemical, McDonalds, the Housing and Urban Development Department and so on. I think it would be interesting to cover their latest scheme while it happens.

4. Election news. I think we can do a man on the street type of feature talking to New School Students.

5. New School U expects to present six honorary degrees at the May 2009 commencement in areas such as arts, design, journalism, public life and government. We can do a story polling students on this. Do students have any ideas on this? Who are some of the past recipients?

6. On Thursday, Sept 25th the New School Center of New York City Affairs will host a panel discussing the immigrant vote. There will be various speakers. We can cover.

7. The newly elected Maoist leader of Nepal will be speaking at The Newschool, should be the top story it's not until the 26th, but we have to make sure one of us are there. I have contacted promotions about recording it and they said, they'd get back to me. Who ever does it will have to cut out of class a bit early.

8. Also our President will be speaking with the reporter for the Supreme Court next Tuesday, Linda Greenhouse should be a good one. Already got a go ahead from promotions to record this.

9. We still have to pin down this situation with 2 new deans and a new provost. Either try to get interviews with some of them, or some student perspectives (or both).

10. Media Studies Video show coming up on Friday the 26th as well. Perhaps interview a filmmaker before hand and then be present for some more reporting.


Kaitlin Sansoucie said...

What time is the discussion on the immigrant vote on Thursday?

Kaitlin Sansoucie said...

It would be fun to interview John Turturro! Just saying...