Friday, September 19, 2008


One of my favorite college stations from back in my west coast days: KDVS

They have been around since the sixties, and have been one of the best uni stations since I started listening like 10 years ago. I haven't thought about them since like freshman year of college and decided to revisit the site to give some contrast to what we're doing here. They have a full schedule of programing that lends itself to a steady audio stream rather than individual show streams like us. For your listening convenience, they also offer any show individually streamed.

Being that they have such a well-established infrastructure, they have a library and charts (charts are necessary if you want promo CDs to build a library and to get involved with organizations like CMJ). They're last fundraiser reportedly raised over 60K! They also seem to have an affinity for WFMU (this I don't recall from my listening days). Not only do they call themselves "freeform" (I think a misuse of the term), they also have charted the newest WFMU compilation as the most played album at the station. Great infrastructure, but so much for original programing....

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