Saturday, February 21, 2009


Hi all:

First, my sincerest, most profuse apologies for missing you guys yesterday. I've been being worked half to death on another project outside The New School and that caused some fallout yesterday which prevented me from joining you guys.

I'm very happy with the crop of new proposals we've received in the last week, and here is a list of the new programs approved for launch & return this semester thus far:

TITLE (Producer) / Frequency / Stream

Mercury Theatre Revisited (Johnny Betz) / Bi-weekly / Features
[Untitled OSDA/Student Activities Show] (George Saad & Jenna Duncan*] / TBD / TBD
Free Food Report (Joseph Baruch Warren) / Weekly / News
Three F**kin Minutes (Joseph Baruch Warren) / Bi-weekly / Features
Root Radio (Jeremy Syrop) / Bi-weekly / NewTalk
I Get Around (Nat Brower) / Bi-weekly / DJSets
Roger Moore at 50 (Martin Lynch) / Bi-weekly / DJSets
7 Continents with Heathre Contant (Heathre Contant) / Monthly / DJSets
["Team of Mavericks" - working title] (Terik King) / Bi-weekly / NewTalk
We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together (Jack Daves) / TBD / Features
Pop Walks (Richard Boggs) / TBD / Features

Club 192
(Eloy Fisher) / Monthly / News (Specials)
Brooklyn Beat (Erin Sheehy) / Bi-weekly / DJSets
Ear Bleeding Country (Jim Freeman) / Bi-weekly / Features
Mannes Downtown (Eric Hanser) / Bi-weekly / NewSounds
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Carolanne Marcantonio) / TBD / DJSets

Sex, Lies & Radiowaves (Shane Manieri & Vanessa Anton) / Bi-weekly / NewTalk
Open Your Mind (Terik King) / Weekly / NewTalk
DWNTWN Sound (Reed Van Noort) / TBD / Features
Jingles' Jangles (Joe Plourde) / TBD / NewSounds
Beyond the Print (Erick Varillas) / Bi-weekly / News
Soul of New York (Chinisha Scott) / Monthly / DJSets
The Rappin' Lounge (Davon Paul) / Bi-Weekly / NewTalk

Producers of all of the abovementioned shows will receive an e-mail from me today requesting that they schedule a program meeting with me during the upcoming (2/23-3/1) week where we will (a) hash out the details of your first 1-2 episodes, (2) review the process of securing the production facilities & equipment needed to produce the show, (3) sign the program contract, (4) ascertain what additional production support (engineers/editors, producers/researchers, etc.) is required to produce the shows as planned, and (5) review the specific process for submission to WNSR once the episodes are produced. This will be the time to get all of you NON-TECHNICAL (procedural, etc.) questions answered. In advance of this meeting, I encourage everyone to think through the first show (at least) in as great detail as possible. Very little in media happens "unprogrammed," and while we always want to leave room for spontanaeity, PLANNING prevents you from running into nightmares when creating these shows. Trust me, I've learned from painful personal experience...


You will. We're aware of you...

There is still time to submit a proposal for any ideas you make have kicking around in your head. If I haven't received any new show proposals from class members, you will be approached to join the production team of one of the existing shows, new shows, or possibly one of the following shows which have NO PRODUCTION TEAMS ATTACHED yet:

NewPoets Spotlight
This show is exactly what it sounds like - a program featuring poets at The New School reading their works. There is already a pilot episode on the site. The poets read their work in our studios and we add the "audience" sonically afterward.

NewJazz Profiles
Another obvious show concept -- a program in the spirit of NPR's Jazz Profiles (
that features New School for Jazz & Contemporary Music students playing their music and interviews about their lives, their approach to music, goals, etc.

The NSSR Philosophy Project [working title]
There is a vast array of existing audio recordings lectures on Philosophy that Cambra is taking the lead on digitizing and creating a program around. The format is under development -- we're looking for wars to create radio programs out of archival materials with this one.

The Booth [working title]
Ideally this will be a weekly show where a traveling booth containing a portable digital recorder visits various locations around the New School campus (including Drama, Mannes, and other "off-site" New School locations) with a "question of the week" that we ask students to answer, and the show will feature the most interesting, entertaining, unique and fun-to-hear responses. This show will require a lead producer, 1-3 additional producers and someone with ProTools editing expertise. (Oh yeah, if you know how to BUILD a booth that's easily assembled and disassembled, you'd rock our world!)

If you are specifically interested in working on one of these, please let me know at

Any questions, let me know!


Mariana Gurrola said...

Hi Terik,
Where do we send the proposals? I had just posted it on the blog but not sure if that's the appropriate way. I was thinking of doing a special on Coachella Music Festival (which takes place in april).
Also I proposed an interview with Josh Rabinowitz who is a teacher at The New School. I emailed this one to Jim but I know his really busy at the moment.
Let me know if any of these sound interesting so I can send to you more details.

Terik_King said...


We ask that all formal proposals to
However, since this is not a "regular program" per se, most of what is on the proposal form will be irrelevant to it as a one-off feature. If anything, you might be able to use the Time Clock portion of the form to organize your thoughts about the format of the piece.

I read the post about the Coachella Music Festival on the blog. I think you should go for it & I had a couple of thoughts:

1) I think it would work well as a long-form feature with a companion news piece; meaning that you "guest" on one of the weekly newscasts to present a short overview of what is contained in the longer feature. (Think Barbara Walters going on the ABC evening news to promote the Oscar Night special -- same sort of approach, but pure audio)

2) Are you pitching to produce exclusively or go on-air and host it as well? (My guess is option 'B' but I don't want to be presumptuous.)

3) Your post indicated songs/interviews for 6 bands. How long did you want to make this feature? (Sounds like a lot to cover in one show if they're full songs -- maybe it can be a 2-parter?)

4) Can you come up with an angle to "bring it home" to WNSR/The New School? (Even if its as simple as -- and I'm paraphrasing -- "I go to The New School and I've been coming to this festival for XX years!"

5)Since the festival is in California, I know you opened it up for volunteer participation, and maybe you'll find it for the editing process, but my guess is that you'll be covering it alone.

All in all I think it's a winning idea for a major feature project. However, since the festival isn't until Mid April, will you be able to make yourself available to other production teams for regular shows on a more ongoing basis before & after the festival?

-Terik (GOD I'm long-winded!)