Friday, February 6, 2009

What's Up, it's Davon "Epidemk" Paul

Hey Wassup,

How are you doing on this fine day of continuing to achieve your obligations? I am a confident and motivate entrepreneur with an decent background of design and web programming skills. I have been coding since the 5th grade, and have an extensive knowledge of on and offline marketing. I am a design and technology student at Parsons, and out side of school I run an corporation named Rappin Lounge, Inc. Recently we have added media group to it. I have a show along with Barbara and Payton called Rappin Lounge, to keep a consistent promo going for my company and the artist that I manage. Rappin Lounge founded by me provides film, audio production, marketing, management, and we also act as a label. With all the services provided I have a certain knowledge within each area to accomplish them efficiently. My goal this term in the class is build a website that is maintainable and sufficient site.

Type of music I listen to, well that is a wide variety of music. I listen to anything that sounds good. favorite type of genre if I had to choose would be between reggae and rap. When I turn on the radio you can find me listening to Hot97, Power 105.1, or Z100.

Any questions feel free to ask them.

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