Thursday, February 19, 2009


Hey Y'all,

Kind of late notice, but I've been having blog troubles. Tonight! There is the Carribean Carnival Coffeehouse Cabaret 2/19/2009 6:30 p.m.Wollman Hall, 65 West 11th St. 5th Fl. Here is a short description of the event:

"Come join us for a Carnival ride at Lang! This Thursday after a shorter than normal Coffeehouse Cabaret roster of Lang performers we will have the traditional Haitian band DJARARA perform, and invite students to participate in a traditional carnival “Rara” procession. Rara comes out of both the vodou and social protest traditions and was used during the original slave revolt that won Haitian independence in 1804. DJARARA is a group of young and cultural activists keeping the tradition of rara alive in the diaspora. DJARARA will perform some traditional rara songs themselves, and explain the basic rhythms and ‘spirit’ of rara. Then, in keeping with rara’s improvised and participatory roots, they will teach a song and invite students to grab a percussion instrument and join in a spontaneous procession around the hall – bringing the visceral experience of carnival to life! Come to watch, participate, play, and jam!

Free performances, food and band.Performers in the Caribbean Coffeehouse Cabaret include: Jeffrei Londono, Nadia Mathys, Yuki Fukui, Grace Sanford, Emily Skillings, Jill Hervey, Briana Lopes, Julia Sedlis, Kandace Syer, Robert Sanabria and DJARARA!
Please join us with friends, the entire New School Community is welcome."

- Eric Jackson Bradley

** Does anyone want to cover the event? I might be able to after work, but I'm also supposed to be at the NS Free Press closing tonight, editing the paper. You would have to rent in-house equipment out, but I was thinking that recording the performances & spoken word, mixed with short interviews, would provide for a nice feature. If you can... Go for it! Call or email if you need any info.


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