Thursday, February 5, 2009

Student Activities Radio Show

I've had a good time reading everyone's intros, browsing the WNSR website, and getting an idea of what this is all about. I guess it's time to let you all know who I am and talk about the news program that I want to get going.

I'm George. I work for The New School in the OSDA (Office of Student Development & Activities). Our office is responsible for coordinating and financing the functions of student organizations, setting up volunteer events and trips, recruiting orientation leaders, distributing free or discounted products and services to students, and much more. Up until this semester, our office was also responsible for setting up free recreation classes (like yoga, salsa, and capoiera), intramural sports (soccer this semester) and recreation trips (like the free Chelsea Piers trip on February 13th or the $50 per person ski/snowboarding trip on February 28th). Starting this semester, however, those duties have been handed to the newly created Office of Recreation and Intramural sports, whom we are working with closely during the transition.

My role at the OSDA includes managing the office's e-mail account ( and preparing and distributing a newsletter that outlines upcoming activities (both within the University and in NYC as a whole) for the 2,500+ students that are subscribed to our mailing list. My goal at WNSR involves creating a News Program that would basically discuss the upcoming events, build interest in them, and hopefully increase student involvement. For example, one event that our office is pushing hard is the upcoming Vagina Monologues event. I think it would be cool to interview someone performing in the event and have them explain what Vagina Monologues is all about. I think this could be way more effective at getting people to come than anything I could include in the emailed newsletter.

In last week's Stu Dev, I included a section about getting free tickets to being in the test audience for Jimmy Fallon's new late night show. This is an example of a non-university event that our office pushes. I've talked to Jimmy Fallon's audience coordinator about trying to get Jimmy for an interview on WNSR. I know it's a long shot but I figured it was worth trying. The audience coordinator was nice about it and put me in touch with some muckety-mucks that could make it happen (the question is will they?) I'm not terribly optimistic but I'm trying!

Anyway, if you are interested in talking about this project and possibly getting involved with it, email me at . If you want to subscribe to Stu Dev and get the weekly emails, send an email to me at with "add me" in the subject. I look forward to working with the news team on this project, and other projects, and I hope to hear from some of you guys soon!

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