Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm Joseph Baruch Warren - have you heard of me?

I have started using a capital W when I write about my Work. I'm not actually THAT pretentious - yet... but I like to pretend. I like to make movies though I have only made a few little tiny ones, mostly for school. Over the last, eh, eight years, I have created or participated in the creation of several sound projects - sometimes tiptoeing around narrative, sometimes just funny, sometimes unapologetic radio theatre.
I want to be Ira Glass, Dean Olsher, and Jean Shepard, but I also want to be David Lynch. Over the years, my favorite radio programs have included the following:
The Next Big Thing
The Shadow
This American Life
Fair Game with Faith Salie
Radio Lab
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Wait, wait don't tell me
Whaddya Know with Michael Feldman
and Rachel Maddow's show on Air America.
I don't like Le Show or Prairie Home Companion all that much, but I listen every few weeks because I have a certain respect, even awe for the stubborn genius Harry Shearer and Garrison Keilor have shown, week after week, year after year, decade after decade.
I can't imagine that anyone will be interested in following the following links, but examples of my (W)ork (alongside endless crap) can be found at:

I'll try to consolidate some of the best stuff sometime soon and post it here.


My attempt at brevity has failed.


oh, did I mention Wiretap? Jonathan Goldstein is amazing. If anyone can introduce me to him, or to Faith Salie, I would get all fanboy nerdy about it.

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