Friday, February 27, 2009

Morning News Programs: Listening Assessment

I've been following, per the assignment, The Takeaway and Morning Edition for a little while now. The Takeaway is a morning-drive news program. I find this format to be somewhat alienating as I, personally, don't have anything like a morning drive during which I can listen to the program. I suppose that I could download the program regularly to my ipod but I haven't yet made that part of my morning commute-ritual (I prefer, rather, to read). The Takeaway is hosted by Adaora Udoji and John Hockenberry but Jerome Vaughn has guest hosted for Hockenberry recently. The conversational format of the show makes it seem more like commercial radio programs or AM political talk radio than public radio. It seems to encourage more punditry than the highly produced news magazine, Morning Edition. Morning Edition is, by far, my preferred format for a radio news magazine. The Takeaway's conversation tone is fine in small doses but I need my news shows to be mediated by a host and doled out in 3-8 minute segments - otherwise I risk falling into a coma.

-Nick Heling

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