Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Greetings fellow Earthlings

Hi, it's Jenna. I'm a first-year Media Studies MA student. The reason I added WNSR Radio Lab is because I had such a great time doing student radio as an undergrad (At Univ. of Arizona, check out KAMP Student Radio -- kamp.arizona.edu).

I have tons of ideas for producing short features segments, running around to concerts and getting rock stars to give us station IDs, as well as ideas on how to get the word out about WNSR.

Also, I used to be a Music Director, so I know all about reporting charts and calling up college promotions people at radio stations to send us music and giveaway items(oh boy, I sure wish we were streaming -- so much can happen in real-time, it really gets my adrenaline pumping! Maybe that's something we can work on putting together this semester?).

Well, those are my hopes & aspirations for working with you at WNSR. I also hope to become a ProTools master. If anyone has tips on how to record with the Media Studies audio recording kits, please send them my way -- I am very green when it comes to production.

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