Saturday, February 28, 2009

Field Trip to the Movies???????????????????

SO who's in?

Hello friends,
You're getting this email because you signed up to receive information about This American Life—Live!, our stage show that will be sent live via satellite to movie theatres on Thursday, April 23rd, 2009. (Or you signed up to hear about it last year, and we figure your interests haven't changed that much).
We think the event is going to be pretty great: an actual episode of the radio show, performed onstage by some of our favorite contributors, beamed onto a movie screen near you. Dan Savage, Starlee Kine, David Rakoff, Mike Birbiglia and Dave Hill will join Ira Glass onstage. Plus visuals by Arthur Jones, and other exciting things that we're still devising.
Here's the deal. Tickets go on sale starting Friday March 6th. That's next Friday. You'll be able to buy them here.
Last year, several movie theatres sold out really quickly. Also, tickets at some theatres may not be on sale until the weekend, or maybe Monday the 9th, so check back if your favorite theater is listed but isn't selling yet.
We'll send another reminder when tickets are actually on sale, but wanted to give you this advance heads up. And please forward this email on to any of your friends who might be interested!
Take care,Your friends at TAL


hethre said...

i'm in! if you buy me a ticket i'll pay you back.

Joseph Baruch said...

Sweet! I'm only a few days away from money and I know now where some of it will go.