Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Getting to know Will Bradford...

Hello Everyone,

My name is Will Bradford and I'm originally from Detroit, Michigan. My first experience away from home was service in the United States Army, where I was stationed in Kosovo as a radio and telephone specialist. The experience was transformative in that it allowed me to travel around the world and become exposed to various cultures. After completing my military service, I enrolled at Marymount Manhattan College where I studied Sociology and the Media. My undergraduate education at Marymount led to several rewarding internship opportunities such as with The Bronx Defenders, AOL Music, and Save the Children in Uganda.

Increasingly nurturing an interest in media, I decided to apply to the Media Management program at the New School where I have continued learning about how the Internet is revolutionizing the way media companies do business. The program has also allowed me to continue building technical skills in photography and other forms of multimedia such as audio and video.

I'm interested in progressive news and talk radio and some of my favorite programs are:

1. Amy Goodman: The War and Peace Report

2. Thom Hartmann Program

3. The Rachel Maddow Show

4. GRIT TV with Laura Flanders

5. The Stephanie Miller Show

6. Mike Malloy: Speaking Truth to Power

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