Sunday, February 8, 2009


Hello Blog,

My name is Hethre Contant. This is my first semester as a grad in the Media Studies program, but I went to Lang from 2003 to 2007. I am officially Sarah's Teacher Assistant. So, if you are a Lang student and need something, anything, talk to me. 

I want to make radio now, and get a job in radio when I grow up. I like features and non-dj-sets more than anything. However, i did come up with a DJ set that I will be producing soon for the station called, "Seven Continents with Hethre Contant: It's not world music, It's music ... from the world." 

My expertise is in field-recording and mixing things up on protools. I'm not as good at studio recording, but I plan to remedy that this semester. Thanks Joe! I'd also like to conduct a "Sound Walk," which is something that John Cage invented, so that those who are not field-recorders can become field recorders. Then we can do an intro-to-protools to make a feature out of it.

Also, I would love to be your extra set of ears on whatever you are working on. However, I require this one caveat: that you must also be an extra set of ears on whatever I'm working on. 

This is my favorite radio show, but they've been unnaturally silent for a while now. Good thing it's a Podcast!

To the Features People: I have about a ton of old features from Sarah's classes, which I will begin to post to the station. Expect maybe 2 every week. 


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