Sunday, February 1, 2009

Let's try this again.

Hello class.

Let me introduce myself, albeit digitally. I am Richard Boggs, a media studies graduate student in my third full semester at this university. I'm a professionally trained journalist, with three years of on-air broadcast experience. I found my voice during that time, co-hosting a weekly revolving theme show entitled, "Love Smorgasbord." Since then, I have worked for a number of different media outlets, including print, and television broadcast.

Through it all, I have discovered that radio is my true love. At least when it comes to things that refuse to hug back.

This semester, my hope is to further the progress of WNSR, and usher it into a new era of consistency. Audience interest is prevalent among the student population, but that interest much be linked to accessibility and basic student utility. We need to make this station as much a part of basic student life at the new school as the seemingly endless building construction.

Well, enough of that.

For now, I have a proposition of sorts. I've recently had an interesting idea for a weekly radio concept which infuses a traditional radio set with traditional radio theater.

I call it Pop Walks.

The premise is simple. One hour, or 30 minutes, of music. However, instead of DJ's introducing or leading into music, the show focuses on recurring characters whose stories are told through the music being played.

The goal of the show is to have a dynamic interplay between the 1) Characters, 2) The Music, 3) The Audience.

I will explain further and in more detail if prompted and if met with equal interest by anyone who would like to participate. I'm thinking anyone in class who said they wanted to work in 'radio fiction,' 'drama,' 'voice acting,' or liked "Prairie Home Companion" should contact me.

For an example, listen to these:

Savior Spin
Swamp Gas

These are longer form radio pieces I've worked on this past couple of months. Pop Walks would be somewhat like this, but infused with a heavy dose of pop music. Duh.

My email:

Take care, contact me, and may good work be produced.

Richard Boggs
(573) 795 2315

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