Monday, February 2, 2009

Collaborate on a Radio Drama!

My name is Nick Heling. I'm a graduate student in Media Studies with a BA in Literature. I relocated to NYC from Asheville, NC in the Appalachian Mountains. I have some experience in radio production (WNYC internship, college radio) but, like you, I'm here for more.

I am interested in producing a radio play for a manuscript entitled “Hors D'oeuvres In Bed: The Hagiography of John Hartford”. The story involves a priest in crisis and the music of John Hartford. Fans of radio drama, A Prairie Home Companion, southern weirdness, folk, country and bluegrass music may be interested in this project. Please contact me if you wish to collaborate as I will need the help. The project calls for 5 speaking roles, some music performance and lots of other production.

Contact me at and I will pass on a copy of the manuscript. I would like to meet with interested individuals soon to discuss the possible future of this project.


Joseph said...

I'm all about it!

camdiggidy said...

Hey Nick,

Word. Be sure to check the Drama student pool for more eager talent.

hethre said...

I would like a copy of the script please.