Monday, February 2, 2009

Hello! this is my intro assignment.

My name is Pablo Zequeira, I am a second year student at Eugene Lang College. I am currently undecided as to what I want to concentrate on as far as my major is concerned. My interest on the newschoolradio is due to the fact that I have been exposed to the radio station environment from a young age. my grandfather had been amongst the first radio personalities in post revolution Cuba, he brought music to the Cuban people through the radio for the first time after the Cuban revolution triumphs. Even so I have no experience in working with anything that has to do with a radio station, but it is something that interest me, mainly music and satirical voice acting, as I like to entertain. I can make most people with a sense of humor laugh a good percent of the time. In prior writing classes some of my professors have complimented  my writing as well as myself by letting me know I can make people laugh, not just in class but in my personal life as well, that does not mean I am a class clown. I try not to make a joke of serious things but I also do not like taking life too seriously as I believe there is enough violence in life and for the most part it is filled with sorrow and way too serious issues. I like creating, and I enjoy what I can conjure up with my imagination. As far as music is concerned I am open to almost all music including country and classical. The one type of music I cannot tolerate is gangster rap or even the more recent rap music, the older hip hop and rap music are the only kind I can listen to without making jokes. I can work in groups although I would rather concentrate on my own work for the most part in order to avoid any confusion, plus this helps me concentrate and create my own material. I am pretty original and I am open to criticism as long as it is helpful. Above all I hope to have a good time even if this is a college course. I look forward in meeting everyone that is partaking in such a fun, and entertaining  radio course.

Pablo Zequeira

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hethre said...

I have a hard time with gangsta rap too.

So, does your dad have any old air checks from his radio show??? I would love to have copies of them for my own studying of radio purposes.

I think you should do a feature based on your dad's story. Start by interviewing your dad about what he did at the radio station. Get all the good stories out of him. Radio stations have some great stories, and radio announcers are good story tellers. Have him talk about Cuba at the time and what the role of the station was in Cuba.

Then once you have the interview... and make sure it's an interview of high quality... we will be going over this in class. Take those old airchecks, and old music that your dad used to play, mix it up, and Ta Da! a feature is born!

I think you should take Sarah's Documentary Radio Class where you learn all about the Doc Radio feature... then at the end of the term you get to make your own.