Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Hi everyone!

My name is Elise and I'm a 2nd semester senior at Eugene Lang. I was in the WNSR class in spring 2008 when we launched the website and after a scheduling conflict last semester am back, if only for my final semester at Lang. I pretty much listen to the radio 24/7 when I'm in my dorm room, mostly KROCK, which is why I am interning there this semester. It's mostly answering phones and making lists, but its a foot in the door and a good one at that (its CBS!). Anyway, spring 2008 I had a show that never made it on the air called "Introducing..." in which I played music from bands people may not have heard of and gave them a little introduction. In retrospect, it wasn't that good and I am not sure I really want to do that again unless a better format can be given to it. I would like to work on a live music show or the one that is already on the air because I love live music, it is the reason I am writing my senior work paper on it. Really, I love music in general and want to do something in that field; radio, writing or playing. I realize that my tastes might be a bit on the commercial side even though I do listen to bands no one has heard of and am always looking for something new. For the class, I would like to do music programming and have a hand in what makes it on the air. I look forward to working with everyone this semester!

Here are a few radio programs that I have listened to in the past week:
All Songs Considered: 2/2/2009 and 11/2/2006
-I wanted to listen to a music show that had something that I would be interested in and the show seems pretty eclectic. I chose to listen to the second show because Weird Al is hilarious.
Jingles Jangles on WNSR: Killer Bob
- Actually, I think I've listened to all of them or most of them at some point. This one had good music, many sound like noise bands, still a good show. As I said, I would like to potentially work on a live show if possible.
The updates on the occupation at the GF: Day 2
- It really doesn't matter which day I put up. This is how I got my information about the occupation. I just needed to say again that I was ecstatic to see WNSR working so fast to get information out.


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