Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Passport radio almost mine, coming to you live..."

Hi everyone!

I'm Erin Sullivan and I'm in my second semester of the Media Studies M.A. program. I'm originally from Rochester, NY and I went to school at the University of Vermont where I received a double major in English and Film & Television Studies. 

While in college, I was involved with my school's radio station, WRUV, for about 3 years. I was a DJ and had a weekly radio show that was a mix of indie rock and electronic music. I was also Music Director at the station and I was responsible for maintaining contact with record labels and promoters, submitting station play charts, and reviewing new music. I can safely say that it was the best job I've had, with perks that included free merchandise from bands, concert tickets, and trips to both CMJ and SXSW. Sadly, I've left that behind for now. 

I'm excited for this class because I miss being involved in a radio station so much and I hope that I can use my previous experience to help with the operations of WNSR. I would absolutely love to pursue a career in radio or somewhere in the music industry, but for now I have sold my soul to work in advertising. Well, it is radio advertising, so it's kind of related I suppose. Or that is what I'm telling myself anyway.


Jack said...


My name is Jack Daves.I am from Boston and am in the Lang Portion of the class. I have no experience in radio but am so excited to work with it and can't wait to get started. So far radio hasn't played a big role in my life because I've never been really hooked by a radio station... No station ever consistently offered music that I enjoy. I'm beginning to get interested in the power of the radio as a medium independent of television and the internet, as it is only auditory but almost any story can be told through the airwaves. I think about music constantly throughout the day and want to use the radio as a means to introduce bands and performers through live performances and edited pieces that illustrate the band's essence for the listeners. I would love to see a tighter connection between music fans and their radios!

-as for links to other stations, I would urge anybody to check out satellite radio as well as a traditional radio. While working construction the past few summers I became very fond of stations such as Backspin (sirius) and Little Steven's Underground Garage(sirius). I loved listening to these stations while I worked because the hosts were always artists from the era in which the music they played was popular: Backspin was hosted by hip hop legends Kurtis Blow, and Dana Dane with frequent guests such as KRS ONE, and Pete Rock while Little Steven's was hosted by Little Steven (van zandt), Andrew Loog Oldham, and New york's own Dick Manitoba.

hethre said...

Yea, satellite radio has a very funny place in public radio. A lot of its programming started out in public radio. However, most people who study or are interested in public radio, are not okay with buying radio, as you have to do with satellite.

It's a weird dynamic because public radio types would love this aesthetic of radio... but due to the system... they probably won't ever hear it.